Using FBA for Diagnostic Assessment in Behavior (DBI Training Series Module 6)

Developed By: National Center on Intensive Intervention

This module serves as an introduction to important concepts and processes for implementing functional behavior assessment (FBA), including behavior basics such as reinforcement and punishment. Throughout this module, participants will discuss both real world and school based examples to become familiar with the FBA process and develop a deeper understanding and awareness of the functions of the behavior. Key topics include (a) defining FBAs in the context of DBI; (b) basic concepts in behavior, including antecedents, behaviors, and consequences; (c) levels of FBAs; and (d) considerations and procedures for conducting FBAs.

The module is intended to be delivered by a trained, knowledgeable professional. It includes a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes and handouts. A coaching guide, intended for coaches supporting school or district implementation of DBI, is also included and provides suggested activities to facilitate planning and application of training content. This module is part of the DBI Training Series. Click here to view the entire series.