Interactive DBI Process

Intensive intervention helps students with severe and persistent learning or behavioral needs. The Center's approach to intensive intervention is data-based individualization (DBI).

What is DBI?
DBI is a research-based process for individualizing and intensifying interventions through the systematic use of assessment data, validated interventions, and research-based adaptation strategies.

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Flowchart depicting the steps in DBI. 1. Validated Intervention Program 2. Progress Monitor. If responsive, go back to Progress Monitor. If unresponsive move to step 3. Diagnostic Assessment/Functional Behavior Assessment. 4. Intervention Adaptation. 5. Progress Monitor. If responsive, go back to Progress Monitor. If unresponsive go back to step 3.

Link to resources regarding Validated Intervention ProgramLink to resources regarding Intervention AdaptationLink to resources regarding Diagnostic Assessment/Functional Behavior AssessmentLink to resources regarding Progress MonitorLink to resources regarding Progress Monitor


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New Sample Reading Lessons Available

NCII has released the first in a series of reading sample lessons and activities. The three lessons aim to support students struggling with phonological awareness, specifically blending, first sound isolation, phoneme awareness, and syllable isolation. Click here to view the reading lessons.

Updated Tools Charts

NCII tools charts have a new look. View the updated Academic Progress MonitoringAcademic InterventionBehavioral Progress Monitoring, and Behavioral Intervention charts.

Ask the Expert

What do you need to consider when selecting an academic progress monitoring tool?
Devin Kearns

Watch and Listen as Dr. Devin Kearns, an Assistant Professor of Special Education in the Department of Education Psychology at the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut and NCII Trainer & Coach, discusses things to consider when selecting an academic progress monitoring tool.

View Recording of NCII Webinar on Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about data-based individualization and implementing intensive intervention for students with severe and persistent academic and behavioral needs? NCII recently hosted a webinar, What Does it Really Take? Frequently Asked Questions about Implementing Intensive Intervention where presenters Drs. Chris Lemons, T. Chris Riley-Tillman, and Teri Marx addressed questions from the field focused on implementing intensive intervention.  

View the webinar recording