Deeper Learning for Students with Disabilities

Developed By: Jobs for the Future and Authored by Sharon Vaughn, Lou Danielson, Rebecca Zumeta Edmonds, and Lynn Holdheide

This report from Jobs for the Future, 1) reviews previous efforts to promote better educational outcomes for students with disabilities, 2) describes research-based instructional strategies that can support them and other struggling learners, and 3) shares the kinds of policies and local resources needed to ensure that all young people have meaningful opportunities to learn deeply and become truly prepared to succeed in college, careers, and civic life. 

For more information on intensifying interventions view the webinar, So What do I do Now? Strategies for Intensifying Intervention when Standard Approaches Don’t Work, presented by Vaughn and Zumeta Edmonds or the DBI Training module, Designing and Delivering Intervention for Students with Severe and Persistent Academic Needs