Why is it important for schools to focus on intensive interventions?

Question: Why is it important for schools to focus on intensive interventions?

Answer: It’s important for schools to focus on intensive interventions because it gives an opportunity for the schools to figure out ways to serve their neediest students. You might wonder even, what do we mean by an intensive intervention? The idea is really that if you have your core program, whether it’s reading or math, or your sort of central school system approaches to behavior, then for those students for whom that is not enough, sufficient, you want to provide something supplemental. Whether it’s in behavior or math or reading, and that gets increasingly intensive to respond to the instructional or behavioral needs of the students. So an intensive intervention is really viewed as an intervention that is the most specific for the students most in need. So that is important because otherwise what we are really saying as a society is that we believe in appropriate education for some students, not all students. So by providing intensive interventions, by organizing your school to address them, you are really embracing every student who comes to your school and you are saying no matter what their behavioral needs are, no matter what their instructional needs are; we are going to specify, articulate, and implement an appropriate intervention for that child. So that means a willingness to make modifications, a willingness to make adaptations, and a willingness to reflect on evidence-based decision making so that the kind of intensive intervention you provide is really specific to that student.

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