What is an intervention platform?

Question: What is an intervention platform?

Answer: An intervention platform is the way in which we refer to the instructional practice routine, materials or program that the school or the teacher is currently using to provide intervention for students. And whether you call that a secondary intervention or a Tier II intervention or whether you call that tertiary intervention or Tier III intervention, it is that instructional approach that you’re currently using. And the idea by calling it a platform is that we consider it sort of the basis by which adaptations, accommodations, or other instructional practices will be included to make it more intense. And so since most of you are already doing something for students who have instructional needs beyond those in the classroom, the way in which you make it more intensive is to take a close examination and adjustment of what we’re referring to as instructional platform or what you’re currently doing. And so again, that could be instructional materials, instructional program, or a combination of materials and programs, instructional practices, professional development, any combination of those would constitute the current platform that you’re using.

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National Center on Intensive Intervention