Results Driven Accountability and Intensive Intervention: Using MTSS to Improve Outcomes for Students with Disabilities

This webinar was co-hosted by the National Center for Systemic Improvement (NCSI) and NCII. In the webinar, presenters Drs. Chris Lemons, Chris-Riley-Tilman, Laura Kuchle and Sarah Arden, discussed the role of NCSI and NCII as their work align with the push towards Results Driven Accountability (RDA). Additionally, this webinar shared considerations for implementing intensive intervention within an MTSS framework and monitoring fidelity of implementation as a mechanism to improve outcomes for students with disabilities as part of RDA.  The webinar reviews the NCII DBI Implementation Rubric and Worksheet and lessons learned from use within NCII technical assistance sites. Additional resources from NCII and NCSI were also shared. More information about RDA is available on the OSEP website.

Q&A Document and Transcript coming soon!

Developed By: 
National Center on Intensive Intervention & National Center on Systemic Improvement