Secondary Interventions: Setting the Foundation for Intensive Support (DBI Training Series Module 4)

Developed By: National Center on Intensive Intervention

This training module, Secondary Interventions: Setting the Foundation for Intensive Support, explains the purpose and rationale for secondary or Tier II interventions, (a) as part of a larger multi-tiered system of support, and, (b) in laying the groundwork for effective intensive intervention.  This module is part of a larger set of trainings that cover different elements of the data-based individualization process for delivering intensive intervention, and provides a review of the essential elements that should be in place for secondary interventions to function effectively and promote functional intensive interventions.

The module is intended to be delivered by a trained, knowledgeable professional. It includes a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes and handouts. A coaching guide, intended for coaches supporting school or district implementation of DBI, is also included and provides suggested activities to facilitate planning and application of training content. This module is part of the DBI Training Series. Click here to view the entire series.