My Brother’s Keeper Task Force Report to the President

Developed By: My Brother's Keeper Task Force

For decades, opportunity has lagged behind for boys and young men of color. But across the country, communities are adopting innovative approaches, opening doors, strengthening supports, and building ladders of opportunity for young people, including boys and young men of color, to help put them on the path to success. The My Brother's Keeper Task Force Report includes initial recommendations to address the challenges faced by boys and young men of color across the country. The report includes 11 recommendations across six overarching areas: 1) Entering school ready to learn; 2) Reading at grade level by third grade; 3) Graduating from high school ready for college and career; 4) Completing postsecondary education or training, 5) Successfully entering the workforce, and 6) Reducing violence and providing a second chance. Recommendation 6.2, focused on scaling the use of evidence-based instructional practices, highlights the National Center on Intensive Intervention, IRIS Center, and School-wide Integrative Framework for Transformation Schools's work among other federally funded technical assistance centers and research supported by the Department of Education.  The recommendation further emphasizes the for need for assisting districts to build capacity to support the implementation of data-based individualized instruction for students with severe and persistent learning and/or behavioral needs. Learn more about NCII's DBI approach by reading Data-Based Individualization: A Framework for Intensive Intervention or viewing the DBI Training Series