Introduction to Data-Based Individualization (DBI): Considerations for Implementation in Academics and Behavior (DBI Training Series Module 1)

Developed By: National Center on Intensive Intervention

This training module provides a rationale for intensive intervention and an overview of data-based individualization (DBI), NCII’s approach to providing intensive intervention. DBI is a research-based process for individualizing validated interventions through the systematic use of assessment data to determine when and how to intensify intervention.  Two case studies, one academic and one behavioral, are used to illustrate the process and highlight considerations for implementation. 

The module is intended to be delivered by a trained, knowledgeable professional and includes a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes and handouts. A coaching guide, intended for coaches supporting school or district implementation of DBI is also included and provides suggested activities to support the understanding and application of training content. This module is part of the DBI Training Series. Click here to view the entire series.