Informal Academic Diagnostic Assessment: Using Data to Guide Intensive Instruction Part 1: Administering Academic Progress Monitoring Measures (DBI Training Series Module 5)

Developed By: National Center on Intensive Intervention

This is part 1 of the larger module, “Informal Academic Diagnostic Assessment: Using Data to Guide Intensive Instruction.” This part is intended to provide an overview of common general outcome measures (GOM) used for progress monitoring in reading and mathematics, with guidance on selecting an appropriate measureParticipants will learn how to administer and score a variety of progress monitoring measures in reading and mathematics. Participants who already use these progress monitoring measures may not need to go through this set of slides. However, for participants new to this type of progress monitoring, we strongly recommend reviewing this section before moving on to other sections in the module. A coaching guide, intended for coaches supporting school or district implementation of DBI is also included and provides suggested activities to support the understanding and application of training content.