CEC 2015 Strand A: How Can We Make Intensive Intervention Happen? Considerations for Knowledge Development, Implementation, and Policy

Developed By: National Center on Intensive Intervention

NCII presented a strand at Center for Exceptional Children (CEC) 2015 Convention and Expo. The strand, How Can We Make Intensive Intervention Happen?  Considerations for Knowledge Development, Implementation, and Policy, address the range of issues schools and districts encounter as they attempt to implement intensive intervention—knowledge and skills, systems to support and evaluate implementation, and policy context. In the first two sessions, presenters demonstrate and discuss how principles of intensive intervention may be applied to students with severe and persistent needs in academics and social behavior using evidence-based assessment and intervention strategies. In the third session, presenters discuss a tool intended to help schools formatively evaluate their implementation, and identify common areas of need. In the fourth session, leaders discuss how intensive intervention aligns with current policy initiatives. View the sessions, presenters, and presentations below. 

Session 1: What Do I Do Now?: Intensifying Academic Interventions When Standard Approaches Flop

Presented by Rebecca Zumeta, American Institutes for Research, NCII Deputy Director; Devin Kearns, University of Connecticut, NCII Center Trainer and Coach; Nicole Hitchener, Coventry Public Schools, Rhode Island, NCII TA Site; Lynn Fuchs, Vanderbilt University, NCII Senior Advisor

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Session 2: Practical Solutions: Using Intensive Intervention to Improve Behavioral Outcomes for Struggling Students

Presented by Gail Chan, NCII Technical Assistance Lead; Daniel Maggin, University of Illinois, NCII Trainer; Rod Teeple, Grand Haven Area Public Schools, NCII TA Site; Joseph Wehby, Vanderbilt University, NCII Senior Advisor

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Session 3: From Know-How to Action: Assessing and Improving School-Level Implementation of Data-Based Individualization

Presented by Laura Kuchle, American Institutes for Research, NCII Technical Assistance Liaison; Christopher Lemons, Vanderbilt University, NCII Senior Advisor; T. Christopher Riley-Tillman, University of  Missouri, NCII Trainer; Louis Danielson, American Institutes for Research, NCII Director

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Session 4: Improving Results for All: The Role of Intensive Intervention in Federal Education Policy

Presented by Allison Gandhi, American Institutes for Research, NCII  Knowledge Production Coordinator; Sharon Vaughn, The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk, University of Texas at Austin, NCII Senior Advisor; Lee Kern, Lehigh University, NCII Senior Advisor, Larry Wexler, Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education 

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