Basic Facts Instructional Videos

Developed By: National Center on Intensive Intervention

This series of videos provides brief instructional examples for supporting students who need intensive instruction in the area of basic facts. Within college- and career-ready standards basic facts are taught in Grades K - 4. These videos may be used as each concept is introduced, or with students in higher grade levels who continue to struggle with the concepts. Special education teachers, math interventionists, and others working with struggling students may find these videos helpful.

  1. Using Manipulatives to Illustrate Addition Problem Structures
  2. Representing 2 + 5 with Objects
  3. Using Repeated Addition to Illustrate Multiplication  
  4. Demonstrating Combinations of 10 Using Tens Frame
  5. Demonstrating the Commutative Property of Addition
  6. Using Manipulatives to Illustrate Subtraction Problem Structures
  7. Representing 8 – 5 with Objects
  8. Solving 12 – 7 as an Unknown Addend Problem
  9. Using Manipulatives to Illustrate Multiplication
  10. Multiplying 3 × 5 with Concrete Objects
  11. Dividing 12 ÷ 3 Using Objects
  12. Dividing 12 ÷ 4 Using Objects

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