Reading: Sample Lessons & Activities

This collection of sample lesson's and activities is intended to assist special education teachers, interventionists, and others working with students with intensive reading needs. The materials include sample activities that encourage modeling, error correction, additional practice and fluency building as well as companion materials necessary to complete the activities. The reading materials are adapted from resources from the Florida Center for Reading Research and Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk and aligned with college- and career-ready standards that cover a range of skill areas. The materials below are not intended to be used as an intervention, but can provide support for developing and customizing lessons to meet student needs.

Interested in learning more about how standards can be delivered across the tiers of a multi-tiered system of support? Click here to find examples of standards aligned instruction across tiers of a multi-tiered system of support.


Phonemes and Phonological Awareness






Read and Write Words With Consonant Blends

Letter-Sound Identification 1: Quick Sounds

Base Words and Affixes

Word Learning: Context Clues

First Sound Isolation

Supplemental Materials

Change One Letter

Building Automaticity: Letter Sound Identification 2: Snap

Base Words and Prefixes

Generating Examples and Nonexamples of Words

Syllable Isolation Short or Long Letter Sound Identification 3: Beat the Clock New Vocabulary Word Knowledge: Semantic Feature Analysis

Phoneme Segmentation

Supplemental Materials

Concentration   Identify and Define Multiple-Meaning Words in Context

Word Knowledge: Semantic Mapping

  Ladders   Identify and Sort Common Objects Into Categories

Part 1 Identifying Text Structures

Part 2 Identifying Narrative Text Structures

Part 3 Identifying Expository Structures

Part 4 Graphic Organizers for Text Structures 

  Hide and Seek      

Additional Resources