Archived Submissions Materials

The National Center on Intensive Intervention has established a standard process to evaluate the scientific rigor of commercially available tools and interventions that can be used as part of a data-based individualization process for educating students with disabilities who require intensive intervention due to persistent learning and behavior problem. Below is an archive of past call materials that can be used for planning future submissions. The Center will announce open calls on an annual basis and post the call information on the Tools Chart Review Process page. 

2017 Call for Submissions of Academic and Behavioral Screening Tools  – Closed

Materials for Academic Screening

Materials for Behavioral Screening


2017 Call for Submissions of Academic and Behavioral Intervention Programs – Closed

Materials for Academic Interventions:

Materials for Behavior Interventions:

2016 Call for Submissions of Academic Intervention Programs Special Focus: Early Literacy and Language – Closed

2015 Academic Progress Monitoring – Closed

2015 Behavioral Intensive Intervention – Closed

2015 Behavioral Progress Monitoring – Closed

2014 Academic Interventions – Closed

2015 Academic Interventions – Closed 

2014 Behavioral Intensive Intervention – Closed

2014 Behavioral Progress Monitoring – Closed

2014 Academic Interventions – Closed

2014 Academic Progress Monitoring – Closed

2013 Behavioral Intensive Intervention – Closed

2013 Behavioral Progress Monitoring – Closed

2013 Academic Intensive Intervention – Closed

2013 Academic Progress Monitoring – Closed

2012 Behavioral Intensive Intervention – Closed 

2012 Behavioral Progress Monitoring – Closed

2012 Academic Intensive Intervention – Closed

2012 Academic Progress Monitoring – Closed